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Tiny houses have grown in popularity recently, due to their widespread exposure from the media. From shows like HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living to the numerous news articles covering the topic, more people are learning about tiny houses and why they may be the right home for them. While tiny houses may seem like a novelty, let’s look at the reasons why living in a tiny home is appealing to the younger generation.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is living a life where things matter less than people and experiences. It is based on the idea that things don’t make you happy and trying to collect more things to make you happier is a worthless concept. In a way, some minimalists have applied this to their residence, by preferring to live with a minimal amount of basic furniture, no decorations, and a small amount of space. This makes the minimalist lifestyle perfect for tiny house owners.

Less Space, Less Cleaning

Cleaning is every homeowner’s least favorite thing to do. Getting cobwebs out of corners, dusting off the tops of cabinets, and vacuuming several rooms is a nightmare. Tiny homeowners don’t have to clean nearly as much since they have significantly less space. This can also apply to other aspects as well, such as clothes. If you live in a tiny house, you won’t have room for a huge wardrobe. This means you might have to wash your clothes more often, but you won’t ever have a mountain of laundry to do.

The Price Is Right

First-time homebuyers will tell you that saving up for a down payment is brutal. On top of that, the housing market is depleted, which means many houses are unaffordable for the average person. Newly-constructed tiny houses are often half the cost of a standard house, and they are completely customizable. While you won’t get a five-bedroom mansion, you will be able to build your home the exact way you want, and that is something many homebuyers wish they could do.

Eco-Friendly and Off-Grid Capabilities

Many tiny homes are fully equipped with solar panels, water tanks, and compost toilets. People who are eco-conscious have plenty of options when it comes to base models with these features. And people who want to move far away from civilization can do so, as tiny homes are easy to transport and often come with features that are suited for staying away from society.

Tiny houses are not ideal for everyone, but they have grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. They are a cheap option for people who can’t afford to buy a full-sized house, but who also don’t want to live in an overpriced apartment. You can live with all of the luxuries you would have in a traditional home, but without the high costs. Also, you can travel and still have your home right there on your flatbed. Tiny homes may not be the standard, but they are a great option.

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