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Martin Midstream Partners L.P. (MMLP)

Since 2012, Martin Midstream Partners has had at least four dividend payouts each year. Martin Midstream maintains its partnership license by solely working within natural resources. Its transportation, storage, and processing of natural gas is staged within the Gulf Coast. Petroleum production gives MMLP even greater potential as a performing asset. Its transportation service offers large petroleum businesses a reliable method of distribution via marine vessels.

– Stock Price: $4.53

– Dividend Yield: 22.08%

Victory Portfolios II (CEY)

Through Victory Portfolios dividends, an average of six payment dates were scheduled for each of 2018 and 2019. The core investments of Victory Portfolio are within the ETF markets. As listed on the NASDAQ, CEY is managed by Victory Capital Management Inc. Its performance has not only funded the portfolios of private investors; the management team has also provided its value as a purchasable stock. Volatility is what the fund focuses on—through the stocks of different industries.

– Stock Price: $22.61

– Dividend Yield: 15.11%

Garrison Capital Inc. (GARS)

Garrison Capital maintains a dividend cycle of roughly four payouts per year. Though operating as an affordable stock, GARS is deeply invested in debt consolidation and business equity. Failing companies that show a future promise, through a change of management, are nurtured by Garrison Capital Inc. and brought up to a profiting level. The firm only deals with transactions the begin at and exceed $5 million. It then promises to improve each of its assets by up to 15 percent.

– Stock Price $6.89

– Dividend Yield: 13.35%

Great Elm Capital Corp. (CPTA)

Dividends that are released by Great Elm Capital have a payout rate of about nine times a year. Here’s another business development firm that invests directly into the debt of undervalued brands. The firm’s strategy is to expand through a variety of industries for as much hedge to its risk as possible. Great Elm Capital will secure new assets each year and continues to expand its portfolio. It’s only investing in accounts that are valued between $100 million to $2 billion.

– Stock Price: $8.19

– Dividend Yield: 12.16%