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Money management requires budgeting, saving, and investing. Here are some of the best finance apps to help manage money in 2019:


Mint categorizes transactions, tracks investments, and breaks down credit scores. Mint also sends notifications, makes budget suggestions, and displays monthly budgets on line graphs.


Prism helps users track bills, send reminders, and schedule payments to come out days in advance.


The Mobills app displays interactive charts to help users visually analyze their finances.

You Need a Budget

The You Need a Budget app assigns jobs to projected earnings and helps users learn about their monthly spending habits. The YNAB app also has a “Stuff I Forgot to Budget For” category which helps users budget better the following month.


The EveryDollar app tracks what users spend and connects them with financial planning experts. 


The Albert app helps create a budget according to spending habits, bills, and income. Albert sets aside funds for savings, and those who pay a small fee can get expert advice via text message. 


Spendee helps users manage shared expenses. The Spendee app lets users create shared wallets, track spending, and manage spending categories.


The Acorns app is a savings tool which rounds up all purchases and puts the leftover change into an investment portfolio.


Qapital is a savings app like Acorns, but Qapital can also transfer savings to accounts which may need it and even helps users discover how to save the funds for learning a new skill or hobby.


Digit transfers up to fifteen dollars from users’ accounts every few days after factoring in bills, income, and spending habits.


Users of Joy rate their satisfaction after purchases are made, helping them reflect on spending and make better purchases in the future.

Personal Capital

Equipped with a retirement planner, Personal Capital helps investors track their finances, create a budget, and discover hidden fees they didn’t know about. 

Credit Karma

The Credit Karma app lets users access their credit score, see how things like payment history impact their scores, and access graphs which display changes in credit score over time.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money helps users identify and eliminate subscriptions which are being paid for but aren’t getting used.