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Romeo DiBattista Jr.

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Romeo DiBattista Jr. is an entrepreneurial leader with a long history in investing. He is the CEO of Brovi Investments Limited, a real estate investment firm. This blog will focus on Romeo’s long-term interests and activity in investing within various sectors.

Since 1998 Romeo has managed and overseen all retail, commercial, and industrial real estate investments by Brovi Investments Limited. The firm specializes in low- and high-rise real estate development. It is headquartered close to York University in North York, and for 40+ years it has met the challenges of the highly competitive Toronto real estate market. In addition to serving as CEO, Romeo is on the Board of Directors at Brovi Investments Limited.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. is also the CEO of ALRO Strategic Investors Inc, a global private equity firm focused on a collaborative approach to transform companies and or projects in achieving their long term goals. ALRO works with management to develop and implement strategies that leverage ALRO’s existing operational and financial resources, while always working as one team, achieving one goal.

Romeo believes that investments are more than just sound business decisions; they are one of the best opportunities that people have to plan for a better, brighter tomorrow. That’s why he also supports a variety of community initiatives and events that invest in future generations, whether it is through medical research, art preservation and education, or other initiatives.

As a long-term leader in the fast-paced world of investments, Romeo DiBattista Jr. created this blog to share his insights on how to keep up with promising industries and make smart purchasing decisions.


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In his free time he enjoys a variety of sports such as skiing, four-wheeling, dirt bike riding, snowmobiling, and more. He is also an avid boater and enjoys spending time on the water whenever he can.